FAQ | wall artwork design | Maria Moretti

FAQ - here are the answers:

1.Who is Maria Moretti?

Maria Moretti is a contemporary academic artist, whose job is to bring modern, abstract paintings of various styles to other people without gallery owners. In her online-shop she offers a big range of pieces of art in different designs and sizes. Here is my biography. (Link)

2. What distinguishes Maria Moretti from other online shops for hand-made paintings and painting?

The artist never works together with expensive intertraders, but sells the paintings exclusively personally. She creates the paintings affectionately by herself and thereby guarantees high quality. Moretti uses only high-quality materials from Germany.

3. Will my painting exactly look like the photos of the painting on the internet in the online-shop?

Because the paintings are hand-made, the original paintings can have small differences – The artist also takes care of the quality of the photographs and uses one of the best cameras available. Divergences can only originate from different screen settings, which show some colors differently. But we always offer several photos and detailed admissions.

4. Are all paintings really painted by the artist herself?

FAQ | wall artwork design | Maria Moretti

Yes, all paintings which the shop offers are painted by hand and sketched by the artist herself. Maria Moretti is highly professional on account of of two university studies (governmental)

5. Where do the pieces of art in the shop originate from?

The artist makes her paintings in two studios. These studios are in Rosenheim in wonderful Bavaria. The beautiful nature inspires Moretti over and over again.

6. Are the used colours and materials safe for my health?

Yes, the artist uses only high-quality colours and materials for her pieces of art. For the paintings she uses acrylic colours and oil paint, as well as sand and stones, because it is safe and poor in smell.

7. Do I need a special frame to hang my painting on the wall?

No, you don't need another frame to hang up your painting. The edges of the paintings and pictures are painted always in the suitable color, so that no other frame is necessary.

8. Is my painting ready to hang?

Yes, you can hang up all art loft paintings immediately, you only have to make two holes in the wall and screw it with rawl plugs. With Moretti's large-size XXL painting, the necessary material to hang the picture will be provided with the package.

9.Can I have a look at the artworks on the ground as well or just online?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. In order to make it possible for Mrs. Moretti to offer her paintings to affordable prices, she renounces on a costly showroom. She does not want to be disturbed in her studios. Instead, the artist wants high-quality paintings to be access-able for everyone in the online-shop around the clock.

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